Got Your Back Salon Cape


  • Eliminates annoying, time consuming readusting
  • More complete coverage
  • Breathable, lightweight, water resistant fabric
  • Suitable for cutting or chemical services
  • No additional hot plastic, hard to clean collars
  • Washer and dryer safe


Designed to make your work day just a skosh easier, happier, more efficient.


Hi there! My name is Doe Zitscher, owner and inventor of Got Your Back Salon Capes.

I am happy and proud to say that I’ve been a part of this fabulous beauty industry as a designer and salon owner for almost 40 years.

The beauty industry has been so instrumental in sculpting my life.  I cannot speak more passionately about the opportunities it has allowed me, especially during a time when women weren’t encouraged to pursue a career, but that’s a whole other story LOL!

As a single mother many years ago, the beauty industry allowed me to pursue a career where the sky was the limit! Not only could I start out on a commission job but I could work toward a booth rental position and virtually be my own boss! I could then choose my own hours so that I could spend precious time with my son.  Ultimately, I was able to open my own salon, wow, my dream come true! I’m a working designer to this day!

As a modern day designer, I realize that time is such an important factor in all of our lives. Your client’s time is important and so is yours, after all, time is money!

I once wondered just how many haircuts and or color services I had performed over 40 years.  I tried to imagine just how many times I had to stop to adjust and readjust my cape to move that darn bunch of fabric that accumulates in the back fastner. How many times had I stopped to change capes to a hot, heavy plastic one for a color service? Hmmm…so much wasted time and unnecessary aggravation, not to mention doubling the laundry load!

An idea was born!

What if, I designed an all in one cape?

I’ll design a cape where the obstruction of fabric is one the side to begin with! A cape with enough fabric to actually protect your client’s clothing, front and back! A cape that is made from a fabric that is multi-functional, light, comfortable, breathable, and water resistant.

WHAT? No adjusting! No changing! No time consuming frustration and aggravation that always interrupted my creative chi! I know you know what I mean!

Now…exclusively for you…the designer…from a designer…I’ve got your back! I am proud and humbled to introduce my new GOT YOUR BACK salon capes.  Finally, more than just marketing words, this US patented salon cape is designed to make your work day just a skosh easier, happier, more efficient!

I thank you for taking the time to investigate this new concept.  I am totally convinced that you will love all of the positive new features that GOT YOUR BACK salon capes has to offer. I hope you will give it a try.  Such a simple solution for such a satisfying result!  Now go create a no aggravation masterpiece of your own with your own new GOT YOUR BACK salon cape!